August 19th, 2015

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В ночи раскопала безусловно очень важные и ценные сведения :facepalm3:: у Арми на левом запястье выбито "Хаммер". Стилизованной кириллицей. "I got it for my 18th birthday. All the guys in the family have these." (источник цитаты сомнительный, но какой уж есть)

Пикча-пруф )

А вообще у человека очень интересное генеалогическое древо. История семьи Курякина особенно забавно на этом фоне выглядит.

"My great-great-grandfather Julius," he says, "founded the Communist Party in New York." But the real macher was his son Armand, a doctor who traveled to the Soviet Union in 1921 with pharmaceutical supplies after a typhus outbreak. Because of the Hammers' party ties, Lenin requested a meeting. "Armand became tight with Lenin," Hammer says. "We have a lot of written letters: 'Comrade Hammer, How are you? I have missed your face.'"

The scion of Vladimir Lenin's oil-baron pen pal has a tattoo: his family's name on his inner left wrist in Cyrillic letters. I see it as he punch-cuts a Macanudo cigar. "When Armand was unloading the supplies," he says, lighting up, "Lenin asked, 'What do you want in return?'" Armand wanted art. "So Lenin told Armand: 'Sure, go down to the Hermitage. Take whatever.' And so he walked through the museum. 'I'll take two of those. I'll take one of those. I'll take all your Fabergé eggs.'"

"I love art," says Hammer, sending up a puff of smoke. "I used to have a painting of Gorbachev that was given to my family by Gorbachev.

"Hoover hated my great-grandfather," Hammer says. "He referred to him as a Soviet agent of influence."
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Я щас в том состоянии, когда покажи мне палец что-то хоть отдалённо связанное с этим фильмом - буду ржать, плакать и нести в массы. Терпите.


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